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Acid Stain - Chemical reaction between the acid stain and concrete that does not peel, fade or crack.

Concrete - Is the new interior design king. Concrete can be molded into any shape, stained or dyed to match nearly any hue and exhibit textures ranging from rough to highly polished.

Allergy Friendly - Does not harbor dust, dirt, pollen or other allergens.

Plain Concrete - Convert interior or exterior plain concrete into a beautiful work of art.

Damaged - deteriorated concrete can  be restored to have a new stunning appearance.

Resurfacing - Resurfacing is the process of applying a thin polymer cement overlay on top of existing concrete or wood.

Low Maintenance - The non-porous surface is easy to maintain and resistant to mildew, staining, and most chemicals

Overlays - Are ideal for interior or exterior applications. Exellent way to refashion your home.

Acid Stain - Easier to maintain than carpet, no replacing carpet or broken tile and far more appealing.

Architectural - Concrete overlays are one of the fastest growing sectors in the construction business today.

Overlay Advantages - Easy to install, Unlimited patterns, Unlimited colors, Installation time is quick and can be isntalled as a slip resistant surface.

Custom Designs - Unlimited possibilities for creativeness that will add a sense of beauty and timeless simplicity to your home.

Concrete - Narturally durable and never needs replaced.

Scoring - Can be added to your acid stained floor with a wide range of designs.

Stamped Concrete - Endless colors and designs to choose from with little maintenance and high durabilty.

Sealers - Protect the surface from being stained by oil, dirt, grass cuttings, mold, rust and ultraviolent rays that can fade the color.

Countertops - Concrete countertops are one of the hottest trends in the field of decorative concrete. They are beautiful, practical, versatlie and environmentally sound.

Decorative Concrete - Becoming increasingly more popular among homeowners, business owners and architects by providing a new, decorative alternative to traditional types of flooring.










Welcome to the World of Concrete with Concrete Illusions - At Concrete Illusions LLC we take pride in our work and are dedicated to pleasing our customers. We recognize that our success depends upon making our customers happy. We achieve this by providing excellent customer service and bringing the beauty of decorative concrete to your home or business. All of the work you will be viewing was authentically produced by Concrete Illusions LLC. Please give us a call or email us and we will be happy to give you a free estimate.


                                       Stained Concrete  

Staining concrete is one of the most popular applications for transforming concrete slabs. Because of concrete’s porous qualities and neutral tone, it is the perfect blank canvas for topically applied color. Using acid-based chemical stains, concrete has been able to achieve rich, earth-toned color schemes resembling natural stone, marble, wood, or even leather, giving a completely custom look to concrete floors.

How Acid Stained Concrete Works..


Stained Concrete, Stained Concrete Arkansas     Acid Stained Concrete Floor


 Concrete Acid Stain    Concrete Acid Stain Arkansas


 Stained Concrete Bike Shop    Stained Concrete Bike Shop


 Stained Concrete Room    Stained Concrete, Stained Concrete Arkansas, Concrete Acid Stain, Concrete Acid Stain Arkansas


 Stained Floor Concrete    Acid Stain Arkansas


 Stained Concrete, Stained Concrete Arkansas, Concrete Acid Stain, Concrete Acid Stain Arkansas    Stained Concrete, Stained Concrete Arkansas, Concrete Acid Stain, Concrete Acid Stain Arkansas


 Stained Concrete Floor    Concrete Acid Stain


 Concrete Acid Stain, Concrete Acid Stain Arkansas    Decorative Stained Concrete



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